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Final Cut






Mastering Adobe® InDesign

  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Prerequisites: windows knowledge
  • Objective:
    • This Track is designed for the candidates who interested to master all the skills for using InDesign professionally
    • The Track starts from InDesign fundamentals course and covers all the features of Includes vector design, printing design, publishing, Magazine layout, navigate the workspace, Work with paths, text and shapes, discovering how to work with selections produce and print consistent color, and special produce and print consistent color, and special Advanced features in one track The track, followed by practical applications, covers the most usage tracks of InDesign

Lumion (For Architecture Animation)


Mastering Adobe® Flash

  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Prerequisites: windows knowledge
  • Objective: This course introduces Adobe® Flash® Professional as one of the most important and powerful programs for making animations, presentations and Web applications. Along with covering the basics of Adobe Flash the course focuses on the best practices and design; in addition it is a pilot program to create animation in programs, or multimedia broadcast TV channels, and you will be familiar with Web terminology and develop efficient and compact Flash movies, Create, import, and work with graphics, Work with texts, Use layers, frames and timeline, Use symbols, libraries and instances, Create frame-by-frame animations, motion tween and shape tween, Work with masks, Work with motion guides, Adding sound and video to movies, Work with timeline effects, Create navigation buttons, Implement basic principles of optimization and performance, Publish flash movies