Mastering Adobe® Photoshop


Mastering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging.

Adobe® Photoshop® software delivers all the features in Photoshop, plus new features for working with 3D imagery, motion-based content, and advanced image analysis, Adobe Photoshop, the world’s best image-editing software, delivers powerful, industry standard, image editing tools for a professional designer who wants to produce sophisticated graphics for publishing on the Web or printing.


  • Duration: 24 Hours
  • Prerequisites: windows knowledge
  • Objective:
    • This Track is designed for the candidates who interested to master all the skills for using Adobe® Photoshop professionally
    • The Track starts from Adobe® Photoshop fundamentals course and covers all the features of includes raster & vector design, painting, image editing, printing design, web & multimedia design, architecture layout, retouch digital photos, work with layers and masks, navigate the workspace, correct and enhance digital photos, create image composites, transform images in perspective,
    • prepare images for print and the web, explore the 3D features, work with paths, vector masks, text and shapes, discovering how to work with selections, produce and print consistent color, and special Advanced features in one track. The track, followed by practical applications, covers the most usage tracks of Adobe® Photoshop
Fundamentals & Beyond


What do you know and what do you need

Getting Started

Getting to Know the Work Area and overview of the standard Adobe® Photoshop workflow to The User Interface, Navigation , Starting Adobe Photoshop and opening files, Using the tools, Entering values, Viewing images, Working with palettes, Using context menus.

Basic Tools & Panels

Using the file Browser, Tool Box, Working with Selections, Layer Basics, Rearranging layers, Editing text, Flattening and saving files, Creating a layer set and adding a layer, Working with Selections.
Basic Pen Tool Techniques, Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes,

Special Effects

Painting and Editing, Retouching and Repairing, Applying filters, Setting up a four-image montage, Hand-coloring selections on a layer.

Saving the Image, Import & Export

Saving the image to print, Optimizing Web Images and Image Maps, Import, Export and place.

Advanced Techniques

Image Power

Basic Photo Corrections, Color Separation, Resolution and Image Size, Straightening and Cropping an Image, Adjusting Lightness, Adjusting Saturation, Channels, Saving the Image for Four-Color Printing.

Working with 3D Images

Creating a 3D Shape from a Layer, Manipulating 3D Objects, Using the 3D Panel to Adjust Lighting and Surface Texture, Merging Two-Dimensional Layers onto 3D Layers, Importing 3D Files, Merging 3D Layers to Share the Same 3D Space, Adding a Spot Light, Painting on a 3D Object, Adding 3D Text, Creating a 3D Postcard.

Presentation Skills & Creative Concepts

How To Start your special designs and how to Present your works

Final Project      Make your final project like professional Designers