Mastering Adobe® InDesign


Mastering Adobe® InDesign®

Discover new dimensions in digital imaging.

Adobe® InDesign® software introduces breakthrough productivity and collaboration features such as simplified object editing and selection, integration with Adobe CS Live online services, and the ability to create rich interactive documents that attract and engage readers. CS Live services are complimentary for a limited time.


  • Duration: 30 Hours
  • Prerequisites: windows knowledge
  • Objective:
    • This Track is designed for the candidates who interested to master all the skills for using InDesign professionally
    • The Track starts from InDesign fundamentals course and covers all the features of Includes vector design, printing design, publishing, Magazine layout, navigate the workspace, Work with paths, text and shapes, discovering how to work with selections produce and print consistent color, and special produce and print consistent color, and special Advanced features in one track The track, followed by practical applications, covers the most usage tracks of InDesign
Fundamentals & Beyond


What do you know and what do you need

Getting Started

Viewing the document, Turning on guides Adding text, Threading text in frames, Placing and fl owing text, Threading text, Wrapping text around an object, Adding a stroke to the frame, Changing the frame and text position, Adjusting the size of an image, Working with styles, Working with graphics

Getting to Know the Work Area

Looking at the work area, Viewing and arranging palettes, Customizing your workspace, Using palette menus, Changing the magnification of your document, Navigating through your document, Working with layers, Using context menus, Selecting objects, Using online Help

Setting up Your Document

Creating and saving a custom page size, Starting a new document, Editing master pages, Creating a master for footers, Creating a footer text frame in the master, Creating a placeholder master, Applying the masters to document pages, Overriding master-page items on document pages, Editing master pages

Working with Frames

Modifying text frames, Resizing text frames, Modifying graphics frames, Resizing a graphic frame,
Wrapping text around a graphic, Creating new frames and adjusting the contents, Duplicating a frame and its contents, Adjusting text inset within a frame, Rotating an object, Aligning multiple objects, Rotating an image within its fram

Importing and Editing Text

Managing fonts, Creating and entering text, Creating a headline and applying a style, Flowing text, Working with styles, Vertically aligning text, Threading text, Changing the number of columns on a page, Changing horizontal and vertical text alignment, Creating and applying a character style, Finding and changing, Spell-checking a story, Creating text on a path

Working with Typography

Adjusting vertical spacing, Using a baseline grid to align text, Changing the spacing above and below paragraphs, Changing fonts and type style, Changing paragraph alignment, Applying special font features, Creating a drop cap, Applying a fill and stroke to text, Adjusting the kerning and tracking, Working with tabs, Adding a rule below a paragraph

Working with Color

Adding colors to the Swatches palette, Applying colors to objects, Creating dashed strokes, Working with gradients, Creating a tint, Creating a spot color, Applying color to text, Applying colors to additional objects, Creating a gradient swatch with multiple colors, Applying the gradient to an object

Importing and Linking Graphics

Adding graphics from other programs, Comparing vector and bitmap graphics, Managing links to imported files, Updating revised graphics, Working with clipping paths, Display settings for display performance, Using a library to manage objects

Creating Tables

Importing and formatting a table, Formatting borders and alternating row colors, Using graphics within tables, Placing graphics in table cells, Formatting text within a table, Applying character styles to text in
a table, Dragging to adjust column size, Working with tables within existing text frames, Finishing up

Drawing Vector Graphics

Setting up the document grid, Applying color to a path, Drawing with the Pencil tool, Drawing curved segments with the Pen tool, Drawing combinations of curved and straight segments, Changing the shape of existing segments, Creating a compound path, Creating a perfect semicircle, Slicing a path with the Scissors tool, Adding an end shape to an open path, Creating a texture effect using a colorized image, Creating and adding an inline graphic

Working with Transparency

Applying transparency settings, Changing the opacity of solid-color objects, Applying the Multiply blending mode, Applying feathering to the margins of an image, Adjusting the transparency settings for EPS images, Creating a drop shadow

Advanced Techniques

Creating Interactive Documents

Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, Adding a navigational Button, Adding a movie, Adding a button with rollover and down states, Adding a play movie action to a button, Exporting the final document as an Adobe PDF

Combining Files into Books

Defining a book, Creating a book file, Setting the order and pagination, Adding the table of contents file, Maintaining consistency across book files, Synchronizing book documents, Updating the table of contents after editing, Indexing the book

Printing & Print Preparation

Preflight, Package, Separation preview, Transparency flattener preview, Printing a laser or inkjet proof

Exporting to PDF

Selecting PDF quality, Create PDF for emailing or web posting, Viewing the PDF created from Adobe InDesign CS, Creating a PDF File with layers, Viewing a layered PDF, Creating & applying a PDF preset470, Using your PDF preset

Ensuring Consistent Color

Color management: An overview, Setting up color management in InDesign, Color-managing imported graphics in InDesign, Setting up color management in Photoshop, Assigning a profile while importing a graphic, Setting up color management in Illustrator, Other information resources for color management

Final Project   Make your final project like professional Designers