Architecture Design


Introduction to Architecture design

Step forward to architecture

Understanding architecture and form your imagination according to clear vision as you really need to jump to reality while catch up the language of design.
Design is not just shape something to be realized, it’s a brain storming and melt out work depending on rules, thoughts, meanings, culture, technology, Utilitarianism and many of ideologies.
If you want to be a successful architect, you have to learn the architecture essence and trends which leads to that

  • Duration: 60 Hours
  • Prerequisites: internet navigation
  • Also student needs pencils or screw (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), pen (graph-ink), Canson sheets, calque
  • paper (A4, A3) a one black sheet.Objective:
  • This Track is designed for the candidates who interested to understanding Architecture issue.
  • Course will covers all design principles and methodologies beside structure needs. The main braces of architecture
  • (art brace , utility and durability).
  • The course will be in three levels :
    • Architecture definition ——— level 1 —————14Hrs + 6Hrs home training
    • Language of architecture——- level 2 —————24Hrs + 8Hrs home training
    • Design trends——————–level 3 ————–11Hrs + 10Hrs home training
Architecture definition (Level 01)


Architecture definitions, Who is the architect.

Getting Started

The need of an architecture work, the building image and functions, the architects and leaders,
the most important books to be navigate.

Understanding projects

Small project simulate, using Drawing tools, learning how to draw.

Graduation project

simulate and modify a small project from one story at home.

Language of architecture (level 02)

Art brace in architect work

Forming with fundamentals ( dots – square – circle – triangle ….),The meaning of form, How to form,
Deconstructions and explosion

Design principles and making concept

Philosophy of design and some applications with finding out a building carry out the following
concepts and principles (balance, symmetrical, asymmetrical, unity, proximity, repetition,
emphasis, proportion.

Scale and projection

studying small buildings with one story and two stories (plans , elevations, sections, layout)
Feeling with scale (walls, furniture…etc.)

Structure design and working

New methods for building standing and making models, understanding working drawing
(hatches, symbols, dimensions, levels …etc.)

Graduation project

design a two stories project at home.

Language of architecture (level 03)

Architecture trends and schools

Searching architecture schools and trends, architecture leaders

Environmental control

IIntroduction about green architect and sustainable design (energy, west, water..etc.),
vernacular architecture.

Project criticism

Making project criticism (housing, residential, office buildings, hospitals, schools….etc.)

Graduation project     design a two stories project at home.